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  • Stress is not outside of you, stress is an internal biological process that you have influence over.
  • Since all of our colleagues, our friends, our family, use the words I’m so stressed out regularly in their lives, people think that it’s normal.

The number one word I hear (from dentists) is the dreads.

  • The first behavior is what I call the super human complex. Doctors have this thought about themselves from their ego where they feel like they have to be this fix it person one hundred percent of the time.
  • The second behavior is “It’s not me it’s them.” That becomes toxic when the doctor does it so frequently that they absolve themselves of any influence of control over any situation, where they actually become a victim to their situation.
  • The third behavior is this: things are good/bad, black/white, right/wrong type thinking. When it comes to running a practice, this type of thinking leads them to being very tight minded.

All of these behaviors prevent people from being curious. And curiosity, that’s how we grow.

  • Our thoughts and what we say so often comes out of our unconscious mind and so unless someone records us we really have no idea what we said or how we said it.
  • One of the things I say to myself daily is “I can’t change what I don’t acknowledge.”

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