Jason Linett is a hypnotic influence expert who works with entrepreneurs and business owners. As a certified professional hypnotist, he’s dedicated nearly two decades to helping clients harness the science of positive persuasion. In this episode, we’ll be talking about how this applies to you as a leader, your patients, and your team in a way that will help your business prosper.

Listen in to hear how to use hypnosis to be a better leader and more successful in the ways that you communicate. Jason explains the keys to harnessing your influence and the power of persuasion in an ethical and positive way, the importance of building rapport, and ways that you can improve your conversation and communication with your clients and your team.

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Key Quotes:

  • “There’s a long history of doctors using hypnotic suggestion.”
  • “We’re only moving toward that common shared outcome.”
  • “Too many people are too timid in terms of making the ask or making the recommendation, and there are ways we can go about presenting this recommendation in such a way that the person is hearing the value of it.”
  • “We are a media or educational company first, before a company that provides a product or service.”
  • “We can model our language in such a way as a true statement, a true statement, a true statement, followed by then a suggestion. What that does is it creates a subconscious ‘uh-huh’ response in the brain.”
  • “Rather than sell somebody into a specific action, sell them into what they’ll be doing once they’re inside of that action.”

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