Quotes & Notes:Secrets for a happier practice with Judy Kay Mausolf

  • There is lots of research out there to support that happier people are more productive, more successful, they are actually smarter, more creative, and they are healthier.
  • When I work with teams, probably the most important thing that I work with is shifting their mindset on ownership of the culture (the happiness culture): that each one of them is a part of that culture and they own that.p

We have to understand that happiness is our choice.

  • Someone does not create our happiness for us. Situations, circumstances, or people don’t have that power over us.
  • If someone comes in and they are in a bad mood and we let them bring our energy to their level, that’s who’s going to control it, that’s who has the power.
  • If we have a few happy people that are willing to stay, they can actually help motivate happiness in the practice.

I always carry three things that I am happy about in my pocket. For me, it’s my health, my family, and my career.

  • There are positive celebration patterns that help us feel happy very quickly, which is why I wrote the book Ta-Dah, Get Happy in 5 Seconds or Less. Take a moment to breathe, to regroup to run to the lunchroom, crank on some music, dance, and sing, those are positive celebration patterns.
  • Probably the biggest positive celebration pattern is the victory pose. When runners run across the finish line and throw their arms up in the air. And they don’t do it because someone says “Hey when you run across the finish line, throw your arms in the air for it will look great for the photo.” They don’t do it for that. They do it out of celebration for a victory of making it across the finish line.
  • I start out my day with “Good things are happening today.”

If you would like to learn more from Judy Kay Mausolf, check out her two books, Ta-Dah, Get Happy in 5 Seconds or Less and Rise and Shine. You can also go to http://www.practicesolutionsinc.net/ or email her at [email protected], or even call her at (612) 701-4922.

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