Educating Your Community Through Dental Marketing with Grace RizzaIn 2009, in this dusty space in Avon, Colorado, I spent all my cash on learning for a six-month Ortho, Sedation, and Invisalign because I wanted to be this marketable person. One thing I could say, it is much harder than it looks — but not for Grace Rizza. She’s been growing businesses at the age of 22, and her approach to business is both commendable and inspiring. It’s no wonder she was a 2019 Honoree at the Daily Herald Business Ledger’s Influential Women in Business Awards.

Listen in as Grace Rizza shares the importance of branding and effective dental marketing. It can be considered “unethical” not to market because you have a community of people that don’t understand how you can help them. Make sure that people know who you are and what you do to help them.

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Key Quotes:

  • “Who’s going to teach your community if you don’t.”
  • “People need to stop trying to go viral and stop trying to be cool. They need to educate.”
  • “Just know what you’re trying to accomplish with your marketing before you just start trying to do everything everybody else is doing, come up with a concrete plan.”
  • “Don’t skip the branding process. Don’t skip the part where you ask yourself, or your advisor asks you, how do you want to be known in the community? What’s your intended reputation?”.
  • “The right advisor will allow you to dream, but we’ll also tell you when you’re being unrealistic.”
  • “Your time is a currency.”
  • “The most expensive information is mediocre information.”
  • “If marketing brings you joy, okay, put it on your plate. If it doesn’t, you need somebody to do it.”
  • “What is your marketing and your branding, that visual aspect, what is it saying about you behind your back? Is it creating the right first impression? And then when those things are in alignment, then you should start the advertising piece, SEO still gets the best return on investment.”
  • “If you’ve got great reviews and you’re ranking on top of Google, you will get new patients, and it will be consistent.”
  • “You should have professional video ads that create an emotion.”
  • “If you are comfortable on video and articulate, that’ll make your trust factor go up.”
  • “People want to see real people.”
  • “The most important thing that came from this today was treating marketing as an investment and not a cost.”

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