What can we learn from these elite warriors and how can their principles and perspectives drive your practice towards long-term success?

Let’s uncover the invaluable lessons that can be drawn from the SEALs. Discover the power of adaptability in navigating the ever-changing landscape of the dental industry. Explore the importance of teamwork and collaboration in fostering a harmonious work environment and delivering exceptional patient care. Learn how to cultivate resilience, lead by example, and embrace continuous learning to elevate your practice to new heights.

In this episode, I discuss why dental practice owners should learn important team-building principles and perspectives from the likes of Jocko, Goggins, and Admiral William H. McRaven.

  • So if you want to stop setting “realistic” goals and create something more audacious…
  • If you want to build an unbeatable mind to help you win in this new economy…
  • If you want to cultivate camaraderie so you can enjoy an incredible workplace and an elite dental team…

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Key Quotes:

  • “If we don’t learn from elite leaders, dentists tend to forget how much they still have to learn about influencing and impacting their people.”
  • “By consistently demonstrating integrity, professionalism, and dedication, leaders can inspire their team to follow suit.”
  • “These goals may seem unimaginable at first, but they will serve as a powerful catalyst for growth, innovation, and development of you and your team.”
  • “Leaders should foster a culture of constant improvement where training and development are ongoing priorities.”
  • “By consistently exhibiting the qualities that you expect from your team, you are gonna earn their respect and admiration.”
  • “Achieving extraordinary goals is rarely an individual endeavor, but rather a result of collective effort and shared purpose.”

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