Growing Pains with Dr. Nate Jeal - Relentless Dentist Podcast

Dr. Nate Jeal has done a lot of things, making him a great example of how the journey to dentistry doesn’t have to be a straight path. His fascinating story and how he found his way into the field is both inspiring and eye-opening, and I know you’ll get a ton out of hearing him speak today.

Listen in as Nate shares why he gravitated toward dentistry, as well as how he eventually got into the field after coming from a totally different background. You’ll hear about the trials and challenges he faced while growing a business, how he and his wife got through those hardships, and the importance of perseverance as you navigate the path to success.

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Key Quotes:

  • “The sense of scrappiness and doing whatever it takes to make the thing happen – that’s an important part of business ownership.”
  • “It’s in those challenges that you really get to learn.”
  • “Not all dentists have to be practice owners.”
  • “Despite all the challenges people talk about in dentistry, the opportunity that’s presented by a dental degree is really unparalleled.”
  • “If you have mental agility, you have the upper hand.”
  • “Most of your patients or customers—they can tell when the motivation is anything other than their wellbeing or quality.”
  • “In dentistry, the way to find success is by perfecting your craft, so becoming an excellent communicator, helping people really uncover what their wants are and to articulate the result people want to have—and then getting people that result in a really high-quality manner.”

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