Quotes & Notes:Dr. Cory Glenn on "What's Truly Important" - Relentless Dentist Podcast

  • I really went from a perspective of thinking that success is measured in money, in prestige and all that, to see that success is really measured in your contentment in life.

It’s not all about meeting the next goal; sometimes it’s about the journey of getting to it.

  • There are far more patients out there than can be treated by our specialist (for implants), and that’s the same with our ortho, same with endo. They aren’t there to do every single procedure of a certain sub-type; they are to do the ones that require special training.
  • At this point, I think what’s going to differentiate “implantologists” is not who can just put a titanium screw into bone. What’s going to differentiate people going forward is their ability to do hard tissue grafting, soft tissue grafting, things like that.

This is the best job on earth, if you feel this way (that the sky is always falling) then change your situation.

  • Don’t be a slave to money and status, because so many of us get roped into thinking that we have to make ‘X’ amount of dollars a month and I understand that we need to make money but if that really all your career boils down to, then you are going to find yourself doing procedures that you hate, in a practice that you hate.

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