Quotes & Notes:The Influential Dentist Series with Dr. Chris Phelps - Part 1

  • Everybody needs a coach, no matter how successful you are. For me, my best coach has been something called the Strategic Coach.
  • From a clinical side, there is very little I don’t do. But now I focus my time, because I have two offices and six doctors that work for me, so the patients I get are bigger cases. So my time in the clinic is more productive.
  • When I heard Dr. Cialdini speak for the first time, I had another one of those moments, like holy crap, this is the answer. And I have to go learn the answer, and this guy has it figured out.
  • The thing I love about this stuff (Dr. Cialdini’s research) is number one it is based in science.

Dr. Cialdini, what he did, is he figured out these principles which are so suddenly simple but yet so powerful.

  • The powerful thing about it is that it works no matter what. The key to remember is that it is a universal concept; these six key principles are present no matter what society you’re from, what culture you grew up in, what part of the world you grew up in, they still apply.
  • We’re looking for the first satisfactory clue or indication to make a good decision, and this decision basically has to have two criteria. It’s got to be a good decision, and it has got to be gone, meaning once we make it we don’t have to circle back around and deal with it again.
  • We as clinicians and business owners, we have to be very careful about how we use these things. Because we have to protect our credibility and our authority with our patients in our practice.
  • We try to recommend you be in all three of these areas, then you know you are safe and totally ethical in whatever it is you are trying to use the principle for: Is it true? Is it natural to the situation? Is it a net win-win for both parties?
  • There are seven things we are going to talk about, the first of which isn’t really a principle, but it is a powerful phenomenon called the contrast phenomenon.
  • Then we will dive into the six principles of influence:
          1. reciprocity
          2. liking
          3. consensus or social proof
          4. authority
          5. consistency
          6. scarcity.

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