Fix A Smile, Fix A Life with Dr. Bill Dorfman After being involved in an accident at a young age and needing multiple procedures to ensure his adult teeth would grow in properly, Dr. Bill Dorfman witnessed the power of dentistry. He is now the owner of Century City Aesthetic Dentistry, where he is responsible for creating dazzling smiles for some of LA’s biggest stars. Today he joins the show to share why it isn’t just about appearance for him, but rather helping people gain the confidence they need to live the life they want.

In this episode, Dr. Bill shares how he developed such a strong work ethic and the lengths he went to in order to land his first job. You’ll learn the importance of making your own opportunities instead of waiting for them to fall in your lap, why practice makes permanent, and the benefits of surrounding yourself with people who help you grow.

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Key Quotes:

  • “Most people say meaner things to themselves than they would ever allow anybody else to say to them.”
  • “When you fix a smile, you fix a life.”
  • “I learned how to study better, not more.”
  • “If you want to get the best letter of recommendation, write it yourself.”
  • ”Successful people are willing to do the things that other people aren’t.”
  • “Our future lies in our kids.”
  • ”Don’t wait for opportunities in life—make them.”
  • “Practice makes permanent.”

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