The misconception that influence is something you either possess or lack can lead to feelings of being overlooked and denied. However, influence is a skill that can be developed and used in combination with your clinical expertise to drive successful case acceptance and patient referrals.

Today, let’s talk about overcoming the challenges of failed case acceptance, lack of patient referrals, and negative reviews by embracing the power of influence.

Dentists: do you ever feel like your patients are ignoring you?

  • If you want to become the most referable dentist around…
  • If you want to start bigger cases…
  • If you want to know who your patients want to give their business to so that you can make it easy for them to say YES!

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Key Quotes:

  • I feel like our industry needs a more robust discussion about people’s problems. That’s the heart of what’s going on now because people are getting more and more complex, and I think there needs to be a place for meaningful discussion to solve these.”
  • “Influence is really a skill. And if you can appreciate that, it’s a skill of being able to cause change, then you can develop it as a skill and use it synergistically with the clinical skills that you have developed and are continuing to develop.” 
  • “It’s a great dichotomy of leadership and influences that you increase your power by reducing it.”
  • “The better that we are at creating a great experience in delivering clinical excellence, the more we receive as a team.”

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