Direction Is Greater Than Speed - Relentless Dentist PodcastWhat do you want? Too often, people cannot answer that question, but the answer is what should be driving everything you do. After taking a summer hiatus to spend time with my family, work on my businesses, and get clear on what I really want to share on this podcast, I’m back with an episode about the importance of moving forward with persistence and clarity.

Listen in as I discuss what the “turtle strategy” is and what makes for a purposeful life. You’ll learn the habits and thoughts that quickly get you off track and how to re-direct yourself to get your time and focus back. From getting the proper direction and finding clarity to using purposeful planning and reflection, you will discover the next steps to take in order to stay headed in the right direction.

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Key Quotes:

  • “Part of that forward motion requires a lot of direction.”
  • “If we’re going further faster in the wrong direction, doesn’t that make it harder for us to get to where we actually belong?”
  • “A practice is limited by its leader, and a leader is limited by their identity.”
  • “We become the story that we tell ourselves, so we have to systematically reprogram that subconscious that was driving it all.”
  • “If we think we suck as a manager or a clinician and don’t rewire that inclination, we will continue to suck.”
  • “All businesses take on the personality of its leader, and if your personality, your ability, your capacities expand, so will your practice.”

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