Quotes & Notes:Dentists' Stress Reduction Series with Jen Butler: Part I

  • Jen Butler Inc. is a company that is dedicated to helping dental professionals to reduce stress from working individually with doctors to the office manager or just throughout the whole team.
  • When stress is present in the practices, regardless of who has the stress, it is pervasive throughout the office.
  • One thing that is really important to understand is that people see stress as external events, situations, or problems.  They don’t see it as an internal response to something.
  • There are four key indicators that are really unique to the dental office and stress: 1) Having a loss of energy 2) loss of focus 3) loss of concentration and 4) forgetfulness.
  • Stress comes out, and it comes out in body language, it comes out in those non-verbals, it comes out in just the way we carry ourselves.

There are three main ways that stress can show itself: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

  • The challenge with a dental office is that when someone is stressed it requires everyone else to pick up the slack.
  • The first step I have with every client is to know your stress. You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge.
  • Be mindful of what we personalize.
  • There are no problems, only opportunities.

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