So what happens when there’s high conflict in a dental practice? Why is it so important to really understand the nuances of this game?

Given the society that we live in, the level of unrest, the level of frustration, and the stuffed emotions that have happened over the last couple of years, it’s only expected that some of this will leak into your practice and surface as unhealthy conflict. So you should be prepared with a tool kit. And that’s what we’re going to be talking about today. 

Doc, are you leveraging the power of healthy conflict?

If you want to:

  • Enjoy coming to work,
  • Have a unified team, and
  • Avoid playing babysitter or referee …

So you can have a confident culture during uncertain times, tune in now!

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Key Quotes:

  • “We can express thoughts without feeling like we’re gonna be put down or that we have to put someone else down. And that we’re just having a difference of opinion.”
  • “Sometimes love doesn’t mean that you’re letting people off the hook. Sometimes that love is tough. And that’s what healthy conflict looks like in a very enhanced culture.”
  • “We have to make sure that we’re preventing unhealthy conflicts so that we’re not putting out fires. You, as a dentist, have better things to do.” 
  • “We can’t expect a team to be on the same page if we haven’t given them that page.”
  • “Ironically high conflict tends to create poor and careless decisions.”
  • “Unhealthy culture promotes more culture cancers. And you go from stage one cancer to stage four cancer. And once it’s at stage four, as far as culture cancer goes, it’s really difficult to resolve.”
  • “Every time is what’s best for the patient. What’s best for the patient. What’s best for the patient.”

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