Quotes & Notes:

  • I realized that by doing this for my practice [working on customer service] … I realized that my whole team enjoyed doing this, and this was something that I could teach other dentists to do.Dr. David Moffet's Bold Biography - Relentless Dentist Podcast
  • No one is born with talents.  No one is born a good public speaker.  These are things that people develop by doing.
  • “There is no try.  There is only do, or do not.”
  • Successful people are only just the same as ordinary people, but they do things that normal people don’t do.
  • The main reason for failure is inaction.  By not doing what you need to do.
  • I learned customer service from a younger point by being a steward, running drinks.
  • I think having a strong close-knit, stable environment is important.
  • I started dentistry with the hope that I would be good at it and transfer back to medicine.  The choice of doing another five years of schooling and internship, to then start making a real living was a lot, versus three more years of dental school, and the three more years of dentistry won out.
  • I was always prominent with advertisements.
  • Occasionally along the way, you do get a staff mutiny, but the best part of the 27 years of dentistry, were the great staff I have had.
  • The rest of your staff could be exceptional in their customer care, but there could just be one person, and they may not know what they are saying or don’t even know what they are doing that is rubbing patients up the wrong way.
  • The biggest barrier was that I was left-handed, so everything had to be set up left-handed, so it was very hard to employ right-handed in a left-handed world.
  • “From day one make this practice the practice you want.”
  •  Dr. Moffet recommends with a hint of humor Dr. Suess’s Green Eggs and Ham as a sales book since he never really gives up.
  • Look at the successes of other companies outside of dentistry to get a better understanding of your practice.
  • The information is free, the library cards are free so there is really no excuse to stay a reluctant dentist.
  • The best way to find Dr. Moffet is by going to www.theupe.com or email him at david@theupe.com.
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