Finding Your Vivid Vision with Cameron Herold - RD PodcastAt the age of 21, Cameron Herold had 14 employees, and by 35, he had helped build his first two $100 million companies. Now a bestselling author and speaker, as well as the mastermind behind the exponential growth of hundreds of companies, Cameron has touched thousands of businesses indirectly through his work. Today he joins the show to discuss how to set the foundation for your vision so that your goals can start becoming a reality.

Listen in as Cameron explains how to create a vivid business vision—without watering it down by having too many people trying to help you craft it. You will learn the importance of hiring motivated and accountable people, how to run highly-effective meetings, and more.

Key Quotes:

  • “Some people want to be a dentist, some want to be teachers—I wanted to be an entrepreneur right from the beginning.”
  • “I see every business similar to a jigsaw puzzle. That if you are going to be building that jigsaw puzzle, the most important thing you start with is the picture on the front of the box. What are we building? What is the vision we are going to be building?”
  • “Their job is to remember what [the vision] looks like. The team’s job is to figure out how to make it come true.”
  • “Dentists have gotten really good at not doing dentistry.”
  • “You don’t want to have a bunch of people help you craft your vivid vision because it becomes very watered down.”
  • “I have the big things in my calendar first… and then all the busy work fits in around it.”

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