We know that managing anxious and phobic patients can be challenging. But by understanding the root causes of their fear and providing a comfortable and compassionate environment, dental practitioners can build trust and satisfaction among their patients.

In this episode, we will explore ways to create a positive experience for anxious patients, including providing sedation options, using positive language, and following up with care calls to ensure patients feel cared for beyond the procedure.

Are you exceeding the expectations of your fearful, anxious, and phobic dental patients?

  • Doc, if you want to earn unbelievable loyalty from your anxious patients…
  • If you want to become the most revered dentist in town…
  • If you want to engineer the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes in your patient experience so you can turn difficult patients into raving fans…

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Key Quotes:

  • “Their needs are high, but for good reason, and we should see that as an opportunity and a possibility… If you can pull it off with your anxious and phobic patients, you can pull it off with anyone.”
  • “So that we come from a place of compassion and we don’t just write these patients off as crazy because they’re certainly acting crazy, but we don’t know the backstory necessarily until they share it with us. And they’re not gonna share it with us unless we’re listening intently and they know that we’re there to help and that we truly care.”
  • “The frontline activity is care and compassion and just being a great servant leader to these patients. But there is a bottom line effect, a significant bottom line effect if you do this right. It creates loyalty, referrals, reviews, automatically if you can get good at this.”
  • “So where are the opportunities there in your practice? The feels. Most chairs and dentistry are quite comfortable now. For longer procedures, you might want to upgrade with pillows, blankets, and neck pillows. Those tend to put patients at ease.”
  • “Most of you are probably doing care calls. I like that as a standard protocol. Every person that gets numb gets a call at the very least. We also did notes that showed up in their mailbox, which was an added touch.”

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