Today’s episode is something special — it’s a bit longer than usual, but every minute is worth it. I’m thrilled to bring you a heart-to-heart with my good friend, Dr. Paul Etchison. We haven’t chatted for over three years, and we’re catching up live, with no agenda, just raw and real conversation. We’ll touch on our usual topics like cash flow, patient experience, and business, but we go deeper, into the struggles and emotional challenges of dental practice. This honest talk is here to inspire you to keep pushing forward in this challenging yet rewarding journey.

Dive into a Real and Raw Conversation with Dr. Dave Maloley and Dr. Paul Etchison:

  • Identity Shifts Unveiled: Engage with the genuine challenges and triumphs of evolving within the dental profession.
  • Practical Growth Strategies: Discover actionable tactics for growing your practice, suitable for both small and large teams.
  • Authentic Leadership Insights: Gain invaluable perspectives on guiding your team with sincerity and effectiveness.
  • Leveling Up Your Practice: Learn from the experiences of dental leaders who have successfully navigated the journey of professional advancement.
  • Direct Dental Wisdom: Access no-nonsense advice for enhancing patient care and optimizing your practice’s efficiency.

This episode is more than a conversation; it’s a deep dive into the realities of dental practice and leadership. Listen now to gain insights that can transform your approach and elevate your dental career.

Tune in today – embrace the insights from The Relentless Dentist Podcast.

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Key Quotes:

  • “When you’re building culture at scale, you really need that, like, over half 60% 70% that are completely bought into where you’re headed. “
  • “You have to have some guidelines, and you have to hold people to them. And you have to be willing to let people go when they’re not meeting expectations.”
  • “The empty seat is probably better than the bad apple.”
  • “Take the team members personal core values, when you make them the company core values, and the doctor keeps the mission and the vision themselves and sells those two things. Now you’ve got complete buy-in because you’ve given that trust away.”
  • “They [staff] want to feel valued, appreciated, and feel like they’re part of something bigger.”
  • “I’m a big fan of extraordinary and impossible targets. But when you set impossible targets, whether it be financial targets, days-off targets, it just wakes up the genius and it starts to help you see the possibility.”

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