How do you cultivate an environment of collective confidence that will help your practice thrive? Do you create a culture of mutual respect and empowerment? Not only will the practice be able to better serve its patients, but it can also create a sense of togetherness that will help to build collective confidence. Listen in and learn how to encourage confidence, trust, and collaboration among your team.

Dental practice owners:

Are you feeling more dental team division and drama?

  • If you want to create a true sense of Us-ness…
  • If you want to balance being exceptional with staying connected to your team…
  • If you want to help your team buy-in to your practice goals so they can develop collective confidence…

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Key Quotes:

  • “A leader’s most important accomplishment is to build a team and create a true sense of us.”
  • “Most books you read on leadership talk about the leader, but they don’t talk about the followers.”
  • “You, dental practice owners, should be ahead of the group that makes you the leader, but you shouldn’t be so far ahead that you are on your own.”
  • “Great teams want a leader to be similar to them and in a way like them, but they also desire their leaders to be exceptional.”
  • “There are certain things that you should never tire of explaining and that is what you stand for, your mission, your vision, your values, and what it means to be a team member at your practice.”
  • “Keep selling the vision. Keep building on values and anchoring your people to your values.”
  • “Continue to build that collective confidence so that you feel powerful, your team feels powerful and empowered, and special.”

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