Doc, when you started your practice, did you ever think that you needed to have mental agility and toughness to survive in this industry?

I know you love your practice, so there’s no turning back amidst all the threat and fragility that goes with it. Instead, let’s figure out a way up and around that threat by discussing the real science and tools behind mental toughness. 

Let’s talk about the important topic of Mental Toughness for Dentists.

  • Doc, if you want to see your challenges as opportunities,
  • Stay motivated in uncertain times, and
  • Engineer and environment that keeps you winning…
  • So you can consistently level up your Practice Owner Confidence, tune in now!

And after listening, I hope you feel confident that you’ve got some extra tools and insights to thrust you into this new economy.

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Key Quotes:

  • “You lead you to upgrade your confidence to lead your team. And you and the team, together, can lead patients to get the care that they need.” 
  • “Resilient leaders have resilient teams and resilient businesses that can win in any economy.”
  • “We have to get to the point where we’re comfortable in our skin when running a dental practice because it’s less exhausting, and you’ll be much more influential to your team and patient.”
  • “Give up to me is emotional, like I can’t handle it anymore. Quit is intellectual. Like it does not make sense for me to pursue this target, to wrestle with this challenge any longer.”
  • “Between stimulus and response, there’s the freedom to choose. And within that freedom to choose, you have imagination. You have self-awareness, you have a conscience, and you have an independent will, but that will not happen if you do not have a steady mind.”
  • “How you view the future matters – matters big time.”

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