Is your team merely going through the motions or are they on a championship journey?

I’ve walked the path from the sports field to the dentist’s chair, experiencing the transformative essence of unwavering commitment and accountability. I had the opportunity to work with some of the best athletes in the world. But when I look back on those few years, the most impactful experience was being a part of a back-to-back national champion football team. Amidst the grueling drills and sweat-drenched jerseys, there was an unmistakable element on the field – no one dogged it, and no one made excuses. Why? Because they held each other accountable, pushing each teammate to their limit, play after play, rep after rep.

In this podcast, we’re here to distill the dos and don’ts of cultivating a self-managing dental team inspired by the elite leadership I witnessed in undergrad. We’ll steer clear of pitfalls such as micromanaging, favoritism, ambiguity, neglecting feedback, and complacency. Imagine your dental practice not just as a healthcare clinic, but as an elite sports team, where every procedure and every patient interaction is a chance to win. With the right strategies, your practice can achieve that elite performance you desire.

• Modern Dentistry Deep Dive: Understand how autonomy and self-management are redefining successful practices.

 Harness Technology: Learn how a self-managing team efficiently integrates cutting-edge tools and practices.

• Elevate Patient Experience: Discover the role of an empowered team in ensuring top-tier patient interactions.

• Resilient Practices: Unveil the blueprint for thriving in an ever-changing dental landscape.

• Empowerment = Growth: Grasp why giving your team autonomy is a game-changer for practice growth.

 Whether a seasoned pro or a fresh face in dentistry, this episode is crucial for future-proofing your practice. Tune in now!


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Key Quotes:

  • “By embracing a system that empowers self-managing teams, you’re going to revitalize energy, your energy, their energy, the energy of the environment.”
  • “A self-managing team is well-versed in innovations, ensuring that the practice continually adopts and benefits from the latest advancements.”
  • “Operational efficiency. A modern dental practice isn’t getting more simple. It’s getting more complex.”
  • “A self-managing team can pivot strategies, develop new services, upgrade services, or refine marketing approaches autonomously.”
  • “You want a model that moves up and to the right, no matter what’s happening in the outside world.”

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