Fact: In today’s polarized and litigious society, it’s easier to complain than find good employees. Crafting a reliable team to work with is almost next to impossible. But there’s still hope.

How do you build a practice with a culture that gives patients an experience in a high trust environment? That gives employees a workplace that provides them both money and meaning? And that ensures the vitality of your business? If you’re asking yourself these questions, you have to listen in.

This week’s podcast topic is about enhancing culture — I’ll be discussing four questions you should ask yourself about every single employee. I’ll cover the most valuable skill a dental practice owner can develop far more valuable than any procedure you can learn or add to your procedure mix. So, if you want a framework that unleashes the genius of your team, a way to diagnose the dysfunctions in your culture, and a method to avoid all that counterproductive advice that inhibits team immunity and holds your practice back, then stay tuned. 

Tune in and find solutions to common practice issues at  Prescriptions for Your Practice.

Key Quotes:

  • “I’m proposing is that we become great at diagnosing the true problem and master the art of building and aligning a team.” 
  • “Team building is the most valuable skill to acquire in our profession right now.”
  • “One of the keys to strong leadership is you teach people how to think. You teach them how you would make decisions, and therefore they can make decisions.”
  • “If we start to engage these things, you’ll see people get a little bit better and a little bit more confident, a little bit more decisive, a little bit more service-oriented, and surprise and delight patients a little bit more.” 
  • “And a lot of people say, I can’t get my team to think like an owner, and that’s a partial truth. They’ll never be as invested as you are.”

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