“You never know who’s swimming naked until the tide goes out.” ― Warren Buffett

As a dental practice owner, you know that the success of your business depends on providing high-quality care to your patients. But to do that, you need to have a well-run operation. Identifying areas that need improvement and making changes will help your business thrive.

Dental Practice Owners: Let’s take a closer look at your Drivers, Demands, Disciplines, & Decisions.

  • If you want to know why it’s essential to “romance” your dental practice . . .
  • If you want to edit your team before culture cancer sets in . . .
  • If you want to get real about your reputation with patients and the respect of your team so you can ensure growth in a cruddy economy . . .

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Key Quotes:

  • “We appreciate, as dental practice owners, that it’s a time to be romancing your practice because unless you show it some love and attention, it’s not gonna love you back. It’s gonna get frustrating. It’s gonna get irritating.”
  • “Romance is like to court to give your business the love and attention it needs.”
  • “All business growth is really personal growth, plain and simple.”
  • “You should have a habit of getting your team engaged in helping you as an organization better your best month ever.”
  • “Your job, of course, is to coach the team so they’re in a perpetual learning state — that’s leadership. Supporting people and helping them grow — that is modern leadership.”
  • “If you don’t have the respect of your team, it’s gonna be really hard to keep a great reputation with your patients.”
  • “If you have 17 priorities, you have no priorities.”
  • “My goal is for you to do less work and have more money, time, and freedom as your career continues.”

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