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Today’s guest has followed an unusual career path, to say the least. From going into undergrad as a football player to training to be a fighter pilot, Tim Rauch hadn’t even considered working in dentistry when he was growing up. Yet nowadays, he has the kind of successful dental career—and lifestyle—many dreams of, including shorter, flexible work weeks, frequent travel, and more.

In this episode, Tim shares the inspiring story of perseverance and intentionality that led him to where he is today. Listen in to hear how he created his ideal work-life balance and how you can overcome excuses and start designing your own epic life.

Key Quotes:

  • “[In] about a four-year stretch, I went from brand new startup owner to multi-practice with associates owning a practice management guy to selling everything and starting over.”
  • “A ton of  professional and financial success—really more than I ever thought was possible as a dentist—and I had this total come to Jesus moment with how and why and to what end.”
  • “I wanted to be able to stop and say that if I died any day now, I’d be doing exactly what I wanted to be doing.”
  • “My new mantra was: I’m going to live every week, every day, every month, and plan every year like, hey, this could be it because things slip away quickly.”
  • “Start today. Think very clearly about what your ideal week, or your ideal month, or the ideal year of your life could look like, and then identify what you need to do to get there, and then work your ass off until you get it.”

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