Developing Teamwork Through Unique Ability with Shannon Waller

Dr. Dave is excited to reveal and discuss the secret weapon that has helped his team unify, work collaboratively and excel as a productive team in today’s episode with Shannon Waller. Shannon joins him on the show to discuss the main ideas, principles and action steps from her Team Success training that have worked so well for many teams. She gives some really wise insight and easy instructions and explanations that make it easier for you and your team to be as effective and supportive as possible.

Shannon starts off by defining and describing the importance of the term, unique ability. She expresses how crucial it is to know what this is and how to use the various unique abilities of your team to complement and support each other better. She wraps up with a discussion of why it’s important that your team doesn’t look to you for all motivation and support and why you should value results over time and effort.

Key Quotes:

  • “If you’ve made a difference in one patient’s life that day and you made what was perhaps an anxiety producing experience a better one – That’s a win!”
  • “An entrepreneurial team is one that is focused on growth, it is focused on results and is focused on maximizing the core value that every individual brings to the business.”
  • “There’s a limit to creativity and the reward system is often based on how well do you fit in the system.”
  • “Unique ability, at its essence, is what you love to do and are best at. So it’s where you have superior skill.”
  • “We often are trained to think that, oh if I can get better then I mustn’t be very good. And that’s not true.”
  • “If you want to get really great results with the minimum amount of time and effort, unique ability is the way to go.”

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