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We often chase what the people around us consider to be successful without taking the time figure out what success is for us. In this episode, Dr. Dave gives us a great method to make better decisions and live a life that is more meaningful. By learning from the regrets of dying people and envisioning our own regrets at the end of our days we can find clarity in the decisions and habits we engage in today.

You will learn about a visualization exercise as well as some common regrets that dying people have so you can hopefully avoid having similar regrets. High performance in your work and life requires clarity and courage. Through going through exercises like this and asking yourself the right questions, you can set yourself up for a life of high impact and true fulfilment.

Key Quotes:

  • “People will do far more to avoid pain than to find pleasure.”
  • “What he established is what he called the regret minimization framework.”
  • “If you can learn from people who have been through it and what they say to avoid and what they wish they would have done, you can really shorten the learning curve and make sure you’re avoiding the pitfalls.”
  • “Are you bee-lining toward one of these regrets? Is there something you can do in your practice and your life and your relationships to make sure that you’re avoiding these regrets?”
  • “Often times we are chasing other peoples’ versions of success but have you clearly defined what your version of success is?”
  • “Pain shared is divided and if you don’t have a place there and you keep that in, that’s when you move into sedation.”

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