Quotes & Notes:Where's the waste? It's time to think lean with Dr. Graham Dersley

  • If I could break down lean principles into two words it would be waste reduction. Waste can come in a couple of different ways; it can come in materials, but the biggest waste in dentistry comes from wasted time.
  • Your team doesn’t like being behind schedule, that stresses everyone out.
  • One of the things I find is longer appointments with patients if you can get them to come to longer appointments, which helps a lot in eliminating this waste.

We don’t offer this to patients with a history of no-showing. If a patient has broken appointments before, I don’t want to schedule them for a two-hour appointment.

  • I didn’t always want to be harping on my team to support me to the extent that really was required. What really was important was keeping me moving through the day.
  • Do we have a patient in the chair who is going to pay for their treatment, who has already agreed that they are having a root canal and not an extraction, who is going to show up for their visit in the first place. There is a lot of quality control that we can do to make sure the dentist is working on the “good Post-It.”

Once I realized that you could have a three day work week, be very productive still, still make a good income, and have a four day weekend every week, that became pretty appealing.

  • Two barriers to working fewer days are the staff worrying about less hours, or patients worrying about fewer days to get work done on their teeth.
  • Dr. Graham Dersley would suggest everyone read The Goal by Eliyahu M. Goldratt. He would also suggest everyone read Harvard Business Review on Manufacturing Excellence at Toyota.

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