Practice Growth and the Cave You Most Fear - RD Podcast

This episode is all about understanding your fears and finding effective ways to lead and grow your practice. The pain of fear can be so crippling but it doesn’t have to hold you back if you don’t let it. We’ll go over the common fears people have when it comes to their practice and challenge you to not let that fear get in your way by choosing courage over comfort.

First you’ll learn about the different hats that dentists, especially leaders, should be wearing and how to develop your leadership skills to bring out the best in your team. The next step is finding where fear is holding you back so you’ll learn about some common ways that fear keeps you from growing and how to push past those issues.

Key Quotes:

  • “There are several hats that dentists have to wear and I think the leader themselves should wear a few different hats.”
  • “The common theme I see in the purpose of all people is that they should be growing and expanding and they should be serving.”
  • “The way that we’re going to grow now is to grow the people. Grow their confidence and grow their capabilities.”
  • “If you’re not intentional about growth, increasing the skillsets of people that are there and increasing your own skillsets, it’s an easy way to have your practice inadvertently plateau.”
  • “In a practice you actually have to encourage people to make mistakes.”
  • “Capability comes after courage. After some reps you’re developing some confidence.”
  • “You can’t be the leader who criticizes them for making mistakes because they will stop making the effort.”
  • “Courage isn’t the absence of fear, it’s doing something that you fear. The fears never really go away.”

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