Quotes & Notes:The Madow Brothers' Bold Biography - Relentless Dentist Podcasts

  • If you are afraid of failure, you will never succeed.
  • Just do it. The most successful people show up before they’re ready.
  • The time is never perfect, or if that time does come around, it is so rare or it takes so long your whole life passes you by while you are waiting for it.
  • If you wait one year to do this, you will be one year older. Why not just now?
  • Dentists just wanted to be helped in a simple manner.
  • Our, late grandfather, was a surgeon. I admired him, and one of the things that I liked about him, was that he never took life too seriously.
  • Our mom is a serial entrepreneur, I mean ever since I could remember, she had so many businesses, she used to sell wigs from the house, she was the Avon lady, she got into housing, and she had several stores. As a kid I always saw that she always enjoyed what she did.  And you have to have that entrepreneurship sense in dentistry.

Our father started from scratch, and owned, a shoe factory in downtown east Baltimore, for many, many years. Both of our parents were entrepreneurs and I think that really rubbed off on us.

  • Being innovative is so important.  You always have to change, you can’t be afraid.
  • You have to be a team. In the most successful practices, everyone has to be involved.
  • It seems like the offices that have the most laughter, are the most successful.
  • The people that are truly happy with their lives are the most successful financially and the most successful in a loving fulfilling way.

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