Quotes & Notes:Discover the 5 Business Engines with Kim McGuire - RD Podcast

  • We know that the future of dentistry lies in digital technologies and patients love it and they are going to come to expect it from most dental practices.
  • We really want the practice to come up with a strong vision, however, it has got to start at the top; it has got to start with the doctor.

Our tagline is Extraordinary Practice, Extraordinary life because we really want our clients to have both.

  • One [engine] might be your business engine, and I think this might be one of the most important, because let’s face it, as long as we are not running in a nonprofit organization, we want to make sure our business engine is running strongly.
  • Sales and marketing we are really looking at branding and identity. So when I say branding I am talking about the emotional connection people have with your brand. And then there is your identity and that would be your logo.
  • There needs to be a new patient system. We also need to look at scheduling. We also need to look at our financial systems. We also need to look at the re-care and reactivation system. So there are many, many, many systems.

What is your clinical vision, and also connect with your hygiene team to really connect on what is the standard of care in this practice?

  • The people engine is yes, do I have the right people on the bus, on the right seats on the bus, and do they all know where the bus is going?
  • All companies have these five business engines, but it all has to go back to, is this moving me towards or away from my vision?

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