“Honour may not win power, but it wins respect. And respect earns power.” — Ishida Mitsunari

Apparently, even though a large number of dental practice owners believe that team success is essential, they also admit that only 1 to 2 members of the team are effective — a brutal truth that most practice owners have to face. Every business aims to foster an atmosphere that brings out the best in everyone because it will translate into a positive experience for both the team and the patients. The big question is, how do you transform your team’s hubristic culture into a team-centric mindset.

In today’s episode, I’ll talk about the factors that drive an honor business and a hubris business, and why it is important to know where your practice stands between the two. I’ll also share the five elements that I want you to examine about your business. I prepared insightful questions that you need to contemplate to set yourself up for an excellent 2022.

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Key Quotes:

  • “The more divided our society gets, the harder it is to align a team.”
  • “If we’re going to be a growing organization, we have to challenge our comfort zone.”
  • “Environment is everything. A big part of being a good CEO is helping the team see the vision, you’re continuously selling that vision, but you also have to give them the tools and the training to succeed.”
  • “Collective confidence: When people come to work each day, they believe that this team will be successful no matter what.”
  • “If you’re willing to do what other dental practice owners won’t do, you will reap the benefits.”

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