Passion Focused Dentistry with Dr. Mike Grossman - RD PodcastThe pressure on dentists to be able to do all types of procedures and do them excellently could be hurting the profession and your practice. Dr. Mike Grossman joins us on the show to share his wisdom and insight about how he found his own niche that has allowed him to focus his efforts and be more effective.

Mike also talks about the way he leads his businesses by using delegation and helpful guidance as a way to make things run smoothly for everyone. He also shares his experiences starting out in the career, who guided him along the way and how he ended up as an owner. We also discuss time management and the importance of pursuing progress rather than perfection.

Key Quotes:

  • “Find the one thing, even if it’s fillings, that you’re excited about and run with that.”
  • “If you’re creating value and you’re enjoying it, then the financial rewards will follow.”
  • “Delegating is trusting people to do the right thing and having them understand that you’re there as a support not as a boss.”
  • “There is that surprise no matter what, whatever discipline, whatever niche procedure you dive into when you first start.”
  • “There’s a huge push for dentists in general that they feel like if they’re not doing implants especially, but implants and every aspect of dentistry, and doing every aspect of dentistry well, then they’re not doing it right.”
  • “I like to really focus in on what excites and motivates me professionally.”
  • “The trap is definitely getting into the habit of always comparing yourself to other dentists who are doing XYZ.”

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