Quotes & Notes:

  • Mantra – “If you get used to quitting, it becomes a habit. Never quit, no matter what!” Dr. Jeff Anzalone's Bold Biography - Relentless Dentist Podcast
  • “I have an uncle that was a dentist.” “I really liked going up there and watching him work.”
  • [Had a lawn business in high school and college] “I had to resort back to cutting grass. I was probably one of the few United States Periodontists that actually mowed yards as well.”
  • “For the first 4 years or so, it was pretty slow going.”
  • “We sent out these wallet mailers to these patients and then sent out a follow up letter and then really got some really good response. I think we spent maybe 500 bucks and got $8000 in production which is pretty good return on investment.”
  • “Now what we do is two follow up letters and a phone call to everyone…the last time we did it we sent out about 80 at a time and collect anywhere from $18,000-$22,000 every time we do that.”
  • “People don’t trust salesmen.”
  • New patient package, that he sends, cost about 13-14 bucks total.
  • “In dentistry, we don’t make most of our money on the first or second visit.”
  • “Try some little things [in marketing].”
  • Recommended books: 1) Anything by Dan Kennedy 2) Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich 3) Fred Joyal, Everything is Marketing
  • Jeff’s practice website:  http://www.anzaloneperiodontics.com/

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