Quotes & Notes:Dr. Tuan Pham's Bold Biography - Relenetless Dentist Podcast

  • Work smarter and not harder.
  • E + P = O or Any event that is in your lifetime + your perception = Outcome from The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon.
  • But one of the things I hate to say is and it proves my point later in life, about working smart and not harder, is that I told myself I do not want to work Fridays.  My dentist doesn’t work Friday, I’m going to be a dentist.
  • My mom, she is a lady that always put me in check.  When I come home from school I always had to do my homework right away.  No TV, nothing until I did my homework.
  • If I have to do something, I get it done right away, no procrastinating because it nags at me and makes me uncomfortable.
  • My dad said to me, “The world is full of information and it is up to you to learn it.”
  • It all comes down to information.  And if you take the time to learn the information, whatever risk of situation coming at you, you can abate that risk.
  • The whole other aspect of learning to be a leading is so important.
  • Address objection before injection.
  • You have to want to know what’s going on, and as long as you are not super crazy you can work these patients through and they won’t have the stress and you won’t have the stress.
  • Going through dental school, grades are important, but no one ever asks you about grades.  It’s more about being efficient in what you do, getting it done in the right way.  You’ve got two years of clinical dental school.  I would have used those years to better learn how to talk to my patients.

  • My first job out of dental school was a fee for service dentist and it was all I knew.
  • Vision is very important, for if you don’t have a vision of what your goals are, or what you’re true desires are, you never work towards it.
  • If you know what your goal is, just go for it.
  • Everyone talks about efficiency and increasing your speed, and I certainly agree with that.  Now in my practice I don’t have to be efficient.
  • “You should do whatever you do that makes you sleep well at night.”
  • People always ask me, “Why don’t you work a little harder, make a little more?”  I don’t want to.  This is my goal.  Here I am at it and I love going to work.
  • A lot of times when there is a staff management problem, it may be because they didn’t understand what was going on.  Maybe you didn’t inform them of your expectations.  They can’t read your minds.
  • Dentistry is a lot of psychology, it really is.
  • If you can read a patient, you can connect with them.  You can make them feel more comfortable, and if you can be more comfortable with them then you guys can get on the same level and actually figure out what is what.
  • There are three tiers of types of patients.  There’s the bottom that focuses on pure cost.  There’s the top tier that value customer service.  And then there’s the middle tier which is like the PPO tier which is like, “Hey you know what, I value quality but I am swayed by price also.”  If you understand the market and the tiers of the market and understand the market, then you can absolutely be a fee for service dentist.
  • If I have a failure, or something that doesn’t go as planned, I might be bummed out at that moment, and I might blow on it for a short period of time.  But ultimately I view it as an opportunity to find the solution and fix the problem.
  • I am scared about being complacent, I never want to be complacent.
  • We make decisions every single day of our life.  You hold the power.  Don’t hold the economy, external forces for your situation in life.
  • Dr. Tuan Pham would suggest every dentist read The Energy Bus, and Crucial Conversations.
  • If you want to learn more from Dr. Tuan Pham then you can visit at www.dentalmaverick.com or send an email to [email protected].

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