Quotes & Notes:

  • “Business is business.”Dr. Howard Farran’s Bold Biography - Relentless Dentist Podcasts
  • “All 2 million dentists should be on the internet within four years.”
  • “What happens to the planet when all known knowledge and information is zero cost to everybody there is on earth?”
  • “Motivation is like hygiene. You need it every single day.”
  • “The hardest part is the understanding of the human complexity.”
  • “Business is only three things: people, time and money. If you get and “A” on people, the time and money take care of themselves.”
  • “A successful person falls down seven times and gets up eight.”
  • “Fear is absolutely a wasted emotion.”
  • “All leaders are readers.”
  • “Stay true to yourself!”
  • “Jim Collins is still my hero . . . he will take your mind out for a marathon.”
  • “Everybody in life should always have a mentor and a protege.”
  • “I make a religion out of availability.”

Howard’s recommended reading:  Everything by Jim Collins

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