Quotes & Notes:

  • “Maximize your return on life.” Byron Davis on "How to Live Your Epic Life" - RD Podcasts
  • “We have a choice to live one of three lives, our average life…our defeated life…our epic life.”
  • “Living our legend in real time and ultimately leaving a legacy.”
  • “Being able to truly be at your best in every area of your life.”
  • “Go from time management to action management.”
  • “Anger and external motivation are great turbo chargers…but they are not designed to be sustainable.”
  • “I have to create a life from the inside out as opposed to trying to achieve a life from the outside in.”
  • “We all tend to suffer from the pluck and the plop syndrome…We want to be plucked out of our current situation that we don’t like and plopped into our ideal situation all the while negating or process…It’s only through the process that we are transformed.”
  • “I had to own how I showed up in the world.”
  • “I have bought into the idea that each of us are given the responsibility to fashion our dreams into reality.”
  • “I can repurpose my past and I can constantly own my present and then because of that, I can reinvent my future.”
  • “There are two energy sappers…worry about the future and regret from the past.”
  • “Our breakthroughs are all done by and come about because of unreasonable people.”
  • “Embracing three mindsets – Authenticity…Curiosity…Conviction.”
  • “Learning to live from our core.”
  • “Learning to be at peace with ambiguity.”
  • “Deciding to care about things more than normal and more than necessary.”
  • “I’ve always shied away from and feared success.”
  • “Why am I afraid of success? It’s because fear of success is fear of responsibility.”
  • “I do believe we have entered into an era where more and more people are becoming aware and embracing this road to authenticity and living from your core.”

Mentions:  Byron Davis on The Rich Roll Podcast

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