Growing as a leader starts with growing as a person, and no one knows that better than Dr. David Maloley. He’s going solo today to share a few things that have significantly improved his quality of life, and as a result, have helped him be a more effective leader in his practice.

Listen in to hear the top three gadgets that have become major parts of Dr. Dave’s morning routine, as well as his advice for starting your day off strong. You’ll also hear his tips for improving your mental state and what it really takes to be the leader your practice needs.

Key Quotes:

  • “If you can own your day, you can use that as a building block. Then you’re well on your way to building an epic life, and that starts with a morning routine.”
  • “No matter what your quest is—building a dental empire, serving your patients—meditation is a good foundation.”
  • “All my breakthroughs in my practice were when I was working more on myself than on the tactics within the practice.”
  • “Strong systems are really important, but you’re not going to change your life by fixing the way your phones are answered … True growth is going to happen from growth within the leader.”
  • “When you transform the leader, you transform the practice, and it must start in that order, or it’s not sustainable.”
  • “High performance is about increasing fulfillment and decreasing stress over time.”
  • “Health is the wealth. If you’re tired and exhausted, you’re going to be kind of a coward and an ineffective leader.”
  • “We’re sold this myth that as we get older, our energy decreases. I don’t believe in that at all. There’s so many ways that we can get our bloodwork right and get our morning routine right so that we have the same energy that we did as a teenager.”
  • “When those difficult times come along … I want to be a higher level person so that I can take that head-on.”


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