This is part three of my series called “The Three Dysfunctions of a Dental Practice.” Before continuing with this episode, be sure to check out part one, where I talk about why dentists are looking for external solutions to their internal problems, and part two that covers a common false belief that many dentists have. In this third and final episode, I will discuss how dentists are often too busy working in their businesses and as a result, they fail to work on their businesses to give them the momentum that they need.

Listen in as I explain how to stop juggling every role and goal and trade it in for a structured and simplified framework that will help you be everything you need to be. And in order to get the greatest good from this training, I recommend that you take a look at the video training that latches directly on to today’s episode. It provides some great visuals and stories to help you understand why prioritization is so important and what might happen if you ignore this blueprint for your life and practice.

Enroll in your free video training here: How The Most Successful Dental Practice Owners Work Less & Make More Every Year

Key Quotes:

  • “If we have the intention and intensity to be really good at a role, the outputs will be much more favorable.”
  • “There are three activators to practice mastery: one is marketing, one is innovation, and one is cost control.”
  • “As the practice owner, you have a ton of roles, a ton of goals, and switching from one to the other is an exhausting process that leads to all sorts of problems like burnout and other ugly things.”
  • “The most important day in a businessperson’s life is the day they stop being a doer and start being a marketer.”
  • “If you become more valuable to the marketplace, you become less replaceable and that gives you options.”
  • “Your practice should deliver more time freedom and more financial freedom to you year after year.”

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