What’s keeping you enslaved to a circumstance you don’t want to be in? What stands in the way for you? What would happen if you were 5 to 10% more assertive in your practice tomorrow? Why is assertiveness so crucial as a leader?

According to Susan Folkman, leaders with good judgment but who lack assertiveness are seen as ineffective, and leaders who lack good judgment but are high in assertiveness are rated as better leaders. Therefore, the best leaders are assertive and have good judgment.

The best dental team members long for Assertive Leadership. Yet, few ever receive it. So,

  • If you want to avoid the typical practice owner frustration that comes from passive, aggressive and passive-aggressive behaviors,
  • If you want to give your team exactly what they need from you,
  • If you want to work in a high-truth environment so you can consistently enhance your team’s unity and productivity,

 Then, tune in now!

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Key Quotes:

  • Good leadership requires assertiveness, it requires specificity, and it requires repetition.”
  • “All organizations take on the personality of their leader.”
  • “Assertive leaders can balance kindness with clarity and create great workplaces.”
  • “I would say there’s an underrated, underdeveloped asset in most dental practices: assertive communication.”
  • “There’s a time to tell the truth, and that’s all the time.”
  • “To be a successful person and a generous person, sometimes you’re gonna have to say no. Those are just called boundaries.”
  • “Don’t let your kindness, generosity, and servant orientation sap your strength and power. Don’t just go along to get along.”
  • “If you’re speaking from an assertive position, you’ll see your teams become more candid. We want high trust and high truth organization. A powerful culture and one that will win in this decade.”

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