Social Media Skills for Your Practice with Dr. Edward Zuckerberg

Social Media Skills for Your Practice with Dr. Edward Zuckerberg I’ve been podcasting for over 7 years now, and this interview is one of my absolute favorites! Dr. Edward Zuckerberg of Painless Social Media joins the show today to talk about his early adoption of technology, extreme attention to detail when dealing with fearful patients, and much more.

Listen in as Dr. Zuckerberg shares his journey, including what led him to become one of the most innovative dentists of his time. You’ll learn how he channels his passions for dentistry, marketing, and helping people, as well as how you can leverage social media and use tools you might not even know are already in your tool belt.

Key Quotes:

  • “I was looking to not have a tedious career. Adopting and implementing new technologies made the practice of dentistry fun for me.”
  • “After extensive discussion, it was clear that going to the dentist wasn’t people’s favorite thing, so I tapped into my wife’s database of knowledge to develop protocols for treating people who were phobic of the dentist.”
  • “With the phobic patients, they’re not going anywhere, even if they have changes in insurance.”
  • “Provide channels for virtual consultations via teledentistry.”
  • “I try to be a short-term therapist rather than a psychoanalyst.”
  • “It’s really important for dentists to know how social media works and be involved in my initial training.”
  • “Any content that can generate engagement is good, but you really want to create a bond between your staff and your patients.”

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Dr. Jesse Green on Setting Clear Values and Leading with Contagious Vision

Dr. Jesse Green on Setting Clear Values & Leading with Contagious Vision

It’s one thing to have a vision for your business and it’s a whole different thing to be able to cast that vision in a way that it is taken on and carried out by your team. Dr. Jesse Green drops by the show today to share his journey through practice ownership and how it has evolved into a passion for the dental entrepreneurial community. He gives us some great actionable advice on how to improve your leadership and entrepreneurial skills in a way that will take your practice to the next level.

Jesse really emphasizes the importance and value of not just having a vision but making sure you are communicating it effectively. He also discusses hiring and how there should be systems in place that make things easier for day to day tasks but don’t take away from the personality and flexibility of the business. Jesse also gives us great tips regarding leadership, financial intelligence, case presentation and marketing techniques.

Key Quotes:

  • “I really applaud the people who get out there and give it a red hot go because running a business is not for the faint-hearted.”
  • “Being a great dentist is, I think, an important part of being a good business owner but it doesn’t guarantee success.”
  • “I found myself running a digital marketing agency for dentists which was fantastic. I learned so much about true business that I never learned through traditional practice management programs.”
  • “Some of the best lessons I’ve ever learned have been outside of dentistry.”
  • “We sometimes think the dentist industry is somehow different or special to other businesses but the same principles apply.”
  • “People say you hire for attitude and you train them on the job but if that’s true, you need to have some dedicated training processes in there as well.”
  • “The really important thing when it comes to leadership is: Creating a clear vision, enrolling people in that vision, holding the standard, and living the standard.”
  • “The growth of the business will never outstrip the growth of the leader.”

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Mike Kawula on “No-Brainer Grassroots Marketing”

Quotes & Notes:Mike Kawula on "No-Brainer Grassroots Marketing" - RD Podcasts

  • “The first thing you want to do is make sure you at least have some basic type of website set up.”
  • “Go out and start putting some content together.”
  • “Another highly searched term is emergency dentistry.”
  • “Be very active in areas where housewives are active, like Facebook and Pinterest.”
  • “As long as you’re posting once, twice, three times a day, which isn’t hard to do, you’re gonna start interaction.”
  • “The very top searches (on the web search page)…those are all done by Google Plus Local.”
  • “Bright Local…you need to have your site in all the free directories.”
  • “…and you can do that on Twitter just by looking for a hashtag.”
  • “Twitter is a great networking tool.”
  • “Form some type of collaboration out there with other business owners in the local area that have the same type of customer.”
  • “Even if you are not comfortable networking, you gotta do it.”

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