Dr. Dike Drummond on “An Epidemic Called Burnout”

Quotes & Notes:

Dr. Dike Drummond on "An Epidemic Called Burnout" - Podcast

  • “I had been a victim of career ending burnout.”
  • “When things are going well it’s great, but when things are not going well it’s probably really difficult to find somebody that you can talk to and confide in if what you’ve got is not necessarily what you want.”
  • “It’s one thing to be brave and it’s another thing to know what to do.”
  • “If you want it, right it down and we’ll go ahead and start bending your life and your practice in that direction.”
  • “The old square peg in a round hold…So what I see is that it’s not that people are ignoring anything, they know it’s there. They just think it’s a problem with them and they need to drive themselves even farther into the square hole even if they don’t fit.”
  • [On burnout] “It’s an epidemic.”
  • “If I need to convince them, they’re not ready.”
  • “When you are over-stressed, these things that you don’t want in your life will be magnified – they’ll be very, very clear in your awareness.”
  • “Three components that you need in order to trigger a new habit:  You have to have the ability, you have to have the motivation and you have to have a trigger.”
  • Quote that inspire Dr. Dike – “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind – Dr. Seuss.”

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