Quotes & Notes:Dentists' Stress Reduction Series with Jen Butler: Part III

  • When it comes to coping methods for stress, the first thing is to know what kind of stress you have.
  • Coping with stress is not a blanket where I am going to use coping method A and that is going to impact all of my stress.
  • There are three kinds of stress, one which is situational stress, and this is the most common and most popular type of stress that people have in their lives.
  • Coping methods for situational stress is somehow related to efficient time management.
  • The next kind of stress is psychological stress. Psychological stress is the kind that is most avoided because psychological stress is that type of stress which is self-induced. It is typically the really bad negative, yucky things we say to ourselves.
  • The only appropriate coping methods for psychological stress are psychological activities. The best thing to do to reduce your psychological stress is to increase your curiosity.
  • The third one is physiological stress, which is the kind of stress that people aren’t even aware that they have. And physiological stress is that kind of stress directly related to health and wellness.
  • It’s about diagnosing the problem and the appropriate solution for the condition.
  • A lot of times what stresses people out really comes from that psychological stress because most people have skill in the situational stressors.
  • The top five coping methods are breathing, humor, mindfulness, connecting with people, and make sure you get a minimum of eight hours of sleep.

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