Quotes & Notes:Dr. Steve Buchanan's Bold Biography - Relentless Dentist Podcast

  • If I live to be 120 it won’t be long enough.  So don’t waste a day. Don’t waste a day in resentment. Don’t waste a day in disappointment.
  • Both of my parents planted the seeds, my dad by example in his career, and my mom just by her example in their life.
  • I was hanging out with my friend, whose dad was a dentist, and he was doing lab work in junior high for his dad. And I was watching him and I thought “I think I can do that.” So I talked to his dad and asked him what he thought of dentistry and he encouraged me to get a job at a dental lab.
  • Always ask yourself “What am I going to do with my life.”
  • Sometimes people will look at me like I have two heads, but dental school was three of the coolest years of my life.
  • Plan as hard as you can, but be willing to accept gifts that you didn’t plan.
  • I became motivated by the fact that Santa Barbara is an unbelievable magnet for specialists.
  • So I thought, “I love the living that I make in endo, but I want to do a little more.”
  • All projects end shortly before deadlines.
  • At the same time, I started inventing, because I was pissed off and disappointed by what our instruments did for us, how complicated it was.
  • Inventing is way easier than licensing.  Licensing puts the truth to the joke, how do you become a millionaire through patents and inventions? You start out with five million dollars.
  • The most dangerous guy that you can put in the CEO position is the one that has never had a failure.
  • You are listening to your own story in your head every day, and if it is all good news, then it is hard to be critical. 

It’s a wonderful status thing to train others.  It feels good doing it.

  • Take a little time for yourself, check your breathing, and meditate for 10 minutes and you are going to have a great outlook.
  • I began the 3-D printing business to print training replicas of extracted teeth so that you don’t have to use extracted teeth.
  • One of the nice things about being my age is having gone through several cycles of disappointments and perseverances and making it through to the other side. So, now I understand that difficulties are just great opportunities.
  • “Play the strength.  Find out what you are good at and do a lot of it.”
  • It’s a short line.  It [what he would tell a relentless dentist] would be to consider future planning as a current event.
  • We are among the most fortunate people on earth.  Our dentists let us do really dangerous things, the put their-selves in our care so that we can make a living.  The relentless pursuit of happiness is open to all of us.
  • Dr. Steve Buchanan would recommend every dentist read all Elmore Leonard books for the pursuit of happiness.
  • If you want to learn more from Dr. Steve Buchanan you can visit his websites at delendo.com or endobuchanan.com.

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