As a dentist, spouse, parent, and coach, Shakila Angadi has juggled many roles. This is something that many of us go through, and today Shakila shares the shifts in thinking that led to a breakthrough for her, as well as the importance of putting yourself in the #1 position as a practice owner. Her wealth of knowledge is extremely valuable and brings special insight and inspiration to the table.

Putting ourselves on the proactive (rather than reactive) side of things positions us in a place of power when it comes to addressing things that come our way. Listen in as Shakila explains how she has done this in her personal life and in her career, as well as how this ultimately took her out of her comfort zone and brought her to the next level.

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Key Quotes:

  • “I found myself in a place where the practice was doing better, but something was still missing and I couldn’t figure out what that was until I started looking outside of what—at that time—dentistry offered.”
  • “I thought, ‘If the answer isn’t in dentistry, then where is it?’ And I landed on emotional intelligence.”
  • We as practitioners get so good at diagnosing everything clinical, but to diagnose our own emotions, it takes a considerable amount of vulnerability, which is very uncomfortable for most of us.”
  • “There’s nothing like testing identity when you pretty much lose function of your dominant hand.”
  • “When you don’t think that the past affects you, that’s where you have problems in life.”
  • “Just because it’s comfortable doesn’t mean that it is right. Comfort is not the answer—it’s how do we get ourselves working optimally.”

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