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  • You are never going to be preempted with the full knowledge of something before making that decision.The Bold Biography of Dr. Rinesh Ganatra - RD Podcasts
  • Successful people take action now and correct course along the way.
  • I feel like a lot of the work ethic and discipline and that ability to see through challenges, I feel like I have to credit my parents for that.
  • The world is not just moving through us in a transactional point, but more so that you’ve got to move through it in an emotional point, a heartfelt point.
  • We got one phone call in out of a $10,000 drop out of a mailers [at the opening of my practice].
  • Once I figured out all of the avenues, business planning, the marketing, how to build a world class team, then I really got the big picture.
  • My goal isn’t to make you the smartest dentist.  My goal is to shorten the learning curve, so that way the success you want tomorrow, we can gain it a little bit faster.
  • Those first few years of starting our practice was a challenge.
  • The dark days are your motivation.
  • Success is buried on the other side of frustration.
  • You cannot be the sandwich maker and the sandwich shop owner.
  • There is no substitution for implementation.
  • Ordinary things consistently done yield extraordinary results.
  • People don’t buy from you when they understand you.  People buy from you when they feel understood.

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Dr. Ganatra recommends Micheal Gerber’s E Myth Revisited as well as his book Reinventing Dentistry: A New Vision for Building and Marketing Your Dental Practice.

There is a free video series at dentalpracticemastery.com

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