Quotes & Notes:Power up your Practice Ownership with Jayme Amos - RD Podcast

  • You know you are ready to do a startup when you look in the mirror and know you are ready.
  • A startup is not right for most, because a startup is complicated and it is challenging.
  • Are you a born fixer or a born creator?
  • If there are things, even outside of practice ownership, that are important to you in life, go do it.
  • We always say that a soon to be startup doctor should be very, very intense and intentional about what they want.

One of the most compelling tools is what we call the ideal patient. If we know exactly the kind of patient that you can serve best and you want to be caring for, then we can try to attract those kinds of patients.

  • We go into three different categories: personal vision, clinical vision, and financial vision.
  • There are as many different clinical preferences as there are dentists in this world.
  • Pretty buildings are not all they are cracked up to be in dentistry.
  • There are really good banks that are great at specific startup visions.
  • I think it needs to be at least 2000:1 (patient to dentist ratio) to create a little bit of a safety net.
  • Your landlord, I believe, is much more important than the dollars per square foot or even the town you are in.
  • I am a bit of a contrarian, but I think signage doesn’t matter at all unless you have amazing signage.
  • If you believe you need to say five operatories then each operatory should need on average between 400 to 450 sq feet.
  • Having a break room when possible is that important.
  • When possible you should have a sterilization center that has an in and an out.
  • You can get a free copy of Jayme Amos’ book Choosing the Right Practice Location, at howtoopenadentaloffice.com/free.

If you would like to contact Jayme Amos or find out more, you can go to idealpractices.com and listen to his podcast. If you would like to apply to have Jayme and his team help you with a start-up practice you can go to howtoopenadentaloffice.com/apply.

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