Quotes & Notes:Discover the Office Manager Role with Laura Hatch - RD Podcast

  • In about 2013 I decided that there needed to be a training resource for office managers, front office teams, for dental offices to teach us how to do the things we do at the front desk.
  • Sometimes being an office manager, you feel like you are on an island by yourself. The staff doesn’t necessarily see eye to eye with you, the doctor many times is not trained in business, they are trained in being a clinician, and you are kind of in the middle.
  • What I focus more on is how to motivate your team, how to communicate with different style personalities that work for you.

When things aren’t happening because someone’s not holding the team accountable, that’s when you need to make sure that (you have an office manager).

  • There’s value to experience, but attitude is a far higher level for me.
  • The doctor should be delegating to the office manager as much as possible.
  • When an issue comes up there needs to be a system and the more than the front of the office and the office manager can get that documented and get that trained to their staff, the more the patients are going to have a sense of trust and be ok with what your policies are.

In the dental office, I feel that the dental office manager is the head and the doctor is the neck.

  • You have to lead by example. You can’t tell your kids don’t smoke and they go smoke a cigarette.

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