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  • I have seen some trends in dentistry, and unfortunately, some of the things we’ve seen in dentistry the last maybe ten or fifteen years, have been aberrations.The Bold Biography of Dr. Mike Abernathy - Relentless Dentist Podcasts
  • If you’re not financially independent, it will color your diagnosis.
  • If you look at the projections on dental health care, we’re looking at 20% increase in growth in the next twenty or twenty-five years. So, it’s still going to be viable, it’s just going to look different than what we think it’s going to look like.
  • I’m really positive on dentistry, I’m just scared that there are people hearing the wrong story.
  • It’s not servicing the person, it’s serving them. It’s taking that golden rule a little further.
  •  For thirty-five years, almost 37, we had a 30% growth every year.
  • If I just wanted to have a certain amount of profit, it might not have worked because what would happen was that the message in my marketing might not be the same as the message that I put out when they actually show up.
  •  I had a kid call me the other day, five hundred twenty-five dollars in debt . . .and he wants to go out and slay these dragons—and he can, but that’s a scary obstacle when you start out with that big of a boulder in front of you.
  • It wasn’t his clinical skills, it wasn’t where he practiced, it was the limiting beliefs that he carried around.
  • It’s much more difficult with a doctor who calls and wants to just take a good practice and make it great.
  • Supposition is the biggest enemy of a good business.
  • When I look at numbers, it’s the patients talking. When they’re talking, I don’t think most doctors listen. And that’s why the numbers are important.
  • Failing to me would be not getting back up and try again.
  • I don’t benchmark dentistry. I look at other consumer-driven small business to benchmark.
  •  Everybody deserves to have the practice they always thought they would have.

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