Get your questions ready because Dr. Dave will be doing something a bit different – answering your questions on the show. Meditation is the topic of this episode’s question so he talks about his journey with meditation – from discovering it and finding a rhythm with it and then switching up his practice later on to serve him better. Dr. Dave has had a lot of success after adopting meditation as a regular practice into his life and some great insight from his own experience that might help you develop your own practice.

Although he still emphasizes exercise as the number one thing to keep you on your game and thriving, he says that meditation would come in as a close second. Dr. Dave addresses some common issues with meditation and explains how he ultimately made it his own and found a way to make it a regular, important part of his daily routine. The benefits of meditation range from mental clarity and stress reduction to even lessening the effects of aging. Dave attests to this and shares his best tips on how to meditate and take care of yourself so that you can, in turn, care for your practice, team, family and community the way you want to.

Key Quotes:

  • “As we talk about high performance, I think meditation is something we need to talk more and more about.”
  • “I’m going to be rolling out some unique ideas to serve you, the listener, better.”
  • “Making it a habit and a ritual so it’s easier to do than not to do is key.”
  • “Traditionally [Meditation] has been overcomplicated.”
  • “If you’re deprived of sleep, meditation can help you get caught up.”
  • “When you’re in the groove and developed the habit and you’re able to really go into that calm state for good bits of time without the mind fluctuating all over the place, you really start to feel like you have the world by the tail.”
  • “Look at it as a lifetime investment.”
  • “I get up as early as I need to, to get my exercise and meditation in.”

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