How to Be a Victor, Not a Victim with the Life and Dentistry Podcast

When it comes to pursuing your goals and your overall quality of life, few things have as significant an impact as your mindset and your work ethic. With their strong involvement in the dental community—and their shared history of growing up on farms—Cole Hackett, Luis Mariusso, and John Wesley Halliburton know this all too well.

Three of the seven guys behind the Life and Dentistry Podcast, Cole, Luis, and John strive to help uplift and inspire others in the field. In this episode, they discuss how their upbringings taught them the importance of working hard, as well as how their can-do attitudes got them through dental school and continue to serve them as they navigate their careers.

Listen in to hear how they maintain their optimistic outlooks, why it’s sometimes best to take the leap even if you don’t feel ready, and so much more.

Key Quotes:

  • “Anybody who’s determined is going to be able to achieve the goals that they set out for themselves. If you don’t give up, you’ll be able to achieve whatever you want.”
  • “I think the farm background definitely helped prepare for the hard work and responsibility it takes to not only be successful enough to get accepted into a dental school, but to become successful as a dentist, too.”
  • “I hear more and more from the victims, and less and less from the victors. You can talk to one guy and he’ll say ‘dentistry is the ticket to the unlimited, you choose your own path,’ and the next guy will speak doom and gloom. And they both live in the same world, but they’ve each chosen different paths.”
  • “I’m a huge proponent of practice ownership. I think we think of it from the tax advantages, the upside and paycheck, and being able to achieve profits, but as you guys really get into it, I think you’ll realize that it brings out the best in you.”
  • “You can pull up different podcasts and search any subject that you want to, and somebody’s talking about it in the world of dentistry. Whether it be financial advising, whether it be consulting for your practice, how to become a better dentist, technical advice … if you listen to it, it gets you excited about dentistry.”
  • “This is why the people we’re around are so successful and big into dentistry—because they keep lighting each other’s fires and encouraging each other.”
  • “Another big thing that’s important to us is not only being great clinicians and great dentists, but also being great at life, and having that good balance between your work, your friends, your family, and your faith.”
  • “There’s nothing but opportunity, but it’s the viewpoint that you approach it at that’s powerful or damaging, depending on where you’re standing.”

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