Quotes & Notes:Laura Hatch: Front Office Rocks - Relentless Dentist Podcast

  • So I really got thrown in dental with no experience, I mean I didn’t know teeth had numbers, had surfaced, so much like many other people, we just got thrown into this position.

I’m an office manager at heart, and I wanted to build something that I could help other offices and their team.

  • For me being married to a dentist, I know that my husband got no business training in dental school. And then when I went to start working in dental, there were no resources for me, so my focus is the team, my focus is the staff, to be able to have a resource to go to.
  • You don’t have to know dental to work at a front office, you know you have to have great customer service, and you have to be a team player, and you have to work hard and smile, that’s the kind of stuff we can’t teach employees.

I wanted to develop a program that was consistent with new employees.

  • It’s a great way to just bring in enhancement to the employee; I have a lot of offices that use it as team training.

If the patients aren’t happy, and we’re not answering the phones well, and we’re not reappointing the patients, the practice isn’t going to grow.

  • I think the biggest thing for me is attitude, is drive, we have to remember that even though we are health care professionals, we’re in a customer service environment.
  • You should invest in your team, you know employees worry about their salary, but that’s not what motivates them most, it’s do you invest in them.

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